AAV Antibodies

amerigodavidjones • 19 September 2023

The high specificity and sensitivity of antibodies are unique advantages in biomedical research applications. Reliable antibodies are among the most effective tools available to researchers when it comes to identifying and locating specific proteins.


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AAV Antibodies

Three categories of antibodies for the detection of adeno-associated viruses (AAV).


AAV capsid protein antibodies that specifically react with denatured AAV capsid proteins and thereby recognize the linear epitopes of the viral capsids.

AAV particle antibodies that specifically react with intact AAV particles, i.e. empty and full capsids and thereby recognize a conformational epitope of the assembled capsids of certain serotypes.

Anti-AAV Replicase protein antibodies that react with selected Rep (replicase) proteins in human AAV-infected cells.


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