Introduction of Zeaxanthin

The carotenoids are prepared either by extraction from natural sources or by chemical synthesis. Samples are supplied in sealed ampoules, under nitrogen, to ensure stability. Although the ampoules are labelled as 1 mg or 5 mg, these values are approximate. We guarantee, however, that the actual content will be not less than the stated amount. Whenever possible, they are supplied in crystalline form with the exception of (E/Z)-phytoene and (E/Z)-phytofluene which are oily at ambient temperature. All compounds are fully characterized and analytical data (HPLC, UV/Vis spectra) as a Data Sheet, as well as a Safety Data Sheet (SDS or MSDS) are provided with the samples.
Every shipment comes with a Safety Data Sheet (SDS, also named MSDS) with all the relevant data. A Data Sheet (DS) is also provided for each lot of carotenoid delivered. This contains the trivial and semi-systematic names, the molecular weight and structural formula, together with analytical data determined for the actual lot, namely the UV/Vis spectrum (as a figure) with the absorption maxima, and the HPLC chromatogram (as a figure), with the purity determined, based on % area. In addition, the A1%1cm value and melting point are given, either taken from the Handbook of the series Carotenoids or determined by our own measurement.